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Decluttering Tips @ JoCo Rotary Club Meeting

I’m so excited to be speaking with the Johnson County Rotary Club Meeting on Thursday morning, May 10th! I will be doing a presentation called “Declutter Your Life” and sharing some decluttering tips for home, life, and mind. Check out the JoCo Rotary Club website for more info!

Organizing and Containing Bathroom Items

We all have those few bottles of bathroom products that we used until they were almost empty, and instead of either finishing them up or throwing them away, we stuck them somewhere… Well, this client had a couple of those mingled with items from both of her parent’s houses that they gave to her after she moved into her own home. So, those few bottles… times three. First, pulled everything out of the closet. We then went through each container and bin item by item and put all of the similar items in piles together, organizing them by type. We had skin…

Stuffed Linen Closets

We’ve all been there in terms of linen closets: Quick… open the door just enough to shove the sheet set in there. Quick… close the door just in time to prevent a massive linen avalanche! Step One: Pull EVERYTHING out of the closet. Yes, everything. And then give those shelves a good wipe down with your favorite smelly good cleaner (check out our surface sprays made with aromatic essentials oils!). Step Two: Sort the linens by size and type. Piles on the floor work great, no need to get fancy with it. Step Three: Donate, throw away, or re-purpose whatever…