Save time and make more money by being organized.

It’s almost impossible to have a consistent and efficient work flow if you don’t have good systems in place that stream-line your processes. Having a messy and disorganized office can also create time-sucks as well as contribute to additional mental clutter.
Below are a few ways we can help:


An organizational consultation is a great place to start. First, we will go on an in-depth tour of your office and work flow. You can send us pictures of your office and we can do a phone chat or we can do a video call through Facetime or Skype to check out the area or projects in real-time. We’ll ask a ton of questions about how you currently use the space and/or systems, how you’d like to use them and talk about positive and negative aspects of both.

After the initial tour we will work together to create a customized, easy to follow action plan based on your space and work flow. We can also provide guidance on any organizational materials you might need and help re-working the organizational items you already own.


We can help you put your ideas and goals into prioritized, actionable plans/lists based on your current and ideal work habits, routines, and schedules with our work flow session.

This sessions includes an initial consultation/exploration of your office/work flow, pinpointing spaces or areas of flow that you want to improve. I’ll ask a ton of questions about your current flow, how you’d like your overall office/work (and specific areas) to flow and talk about the positive and negative aspects of each.

We’ll then start with the foundational goals and create an easy to follow, actionable plan that will help you achieve those goals in a practical and efficient way that incorporates your big picture priorities.

Flow sessions can help with the following areas (but not limited to):

  • Room/Desk Flow: optimal use, furniture placement, feng shui
  • Create action plans that are goal specific
  • Creating Filing, Paperwork, Storage Systems
  • Create, optimize, or implement specialized industry-related systems
  • Create, optimize, or implement work flow daily/monthly schedules and routines
  • Outline individual employee/team-member expectations (task lists)
  • Create, optimize, or implement reporting schedules


Sometimes implementing the schedules or routine plans can be difficult when all team members aren’t on board or receptive to change. As a neutral party, we can host a team meeting session to make sure that all team members are getting an equal opportunity to effectively communicate and be heard. It is so important that all team members are involved and valued in this process. Together, all team members can collaborate in creating profitable systems that everyone understand and participates in.

We can also help to create work-specific routines, schedules and task lists.


After the initial consultation (free with purchase of work organizing session), we will begin to execute our organizational plan and begin physically organizing your office and/or work flow. We will help you jump right in and get to work on your project. This will include preparing the space by removing items and assessing the categories to sort into. We will help you sort through your items and provide support and guidance with decision making for categorizing, discarding, and keeping.

Small-medium sized projects are usually able to be completed with-in the 3 hour session but, if together we are unable to complete the project, we will use the end of the session to wrap the project up into a good pause point.

Examples of Work Organizing Sessions:

  • General Organization of Work Spaces
  • Furniture Placement/Flow
  • Storage Areas and Systems
  • Paperwork and Filing
  • Packing/Unpacking for Relocation


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