Unpacking a Catch-All Garage

When moving, we all have that one last space that often acts as a dumping ground for the stuff we aren’t quite sure what to do with ey. A lot of the times that space ends up being the garage.

This newly combined family had just moved and had slowly been unpacking their garage which had become the catch-all from their move.
Un-Packing a Catch-All Garage - cluttered garage left

A lot of what was in the garage was garage-related stuff like camping, sports equipment, tools, and boating supplies. Each of those areas were sorted into piles and while going through the contents, we were able to donate and trash several items that were no longer in play.

With the addition of some garage shelving that was picked up at the local home improvement store, we arranged the three largest piles onto their own shelving unit. Closest to the door was camping and coolers, next was all of the kids outdoor sports equipment, and closest to the garage opening were the boating supplies for better accessibility. On the back wall we stored all of the tool type of items on a shelf and fold out table by the door.
Un-Packing a Catch-All Garage - organized garage left

On the right side of the garage, we used the wall-side for storage, and moved all of the seasonal, luggage, and rarely accessed items up on the high shelves.
Keeping what you use more often most accessible is key in keeping your space organized. Having the designated shelves for each type of storage will also help in keeping items more contained.

Check out these awesome before and afters!
Un-Packing a Catch-All Garage - organized garage before and after left side Un-Packing a Catch-All Garage - organized garage before and after right side

Project by Shawna in Austin