Tupperware and Troubled Corners

I absolutely love our clients! They really are the best! When I arrived this client had already pretty much emptied the cabinets of all her tupperware!

Tupperware and Troubled Corners - all that tupperware

So we got started right away matching lids with containers. That’s what you spend most of your time doing in a tupperware cabinet, right, finding the lid? This step of putting your lids on your container saves you so much time later!  This client also had no problem letting go of excess items, the donate box got pretty big in a hurry!   I love to see that!  Let it go, let it go….   🙂

Tupperware and Troubled Corners - cleared out tupperware cabinet
We had this tupperware cabinet knocked out and put back together in no time!   We stacked all the similar sizes together so they would not only look fabulous at a glance but it just helps you find what you need!  I also loved the added little space provided by the mounted organizer on the door.  It was a great place to put those tiny containers our client used for dressing in her lunches paired with some of her lunch bags.

Tupperware and Troubled Corners - organized tupperware cabinet
Awesome!  Then we started on what my client lovingly referred to as the “black hole”  I believe!  She said she just dreaded it because it had accumulated so many different things!  It was a corner cabinet that was not easily accessed and to get to the top shelf we had to stand on a chair!  Well I had to stand on the chair to reach the second shelf!

Tupperware and Troubled Corners - messy corner cabinet
Again, she had started the process by pulling a lot of the items out in advance so we were able to just continue clearing it out, sorting into categories and she did an amazing job of getting rid of a substantial amount.  We put the least used holiday serving trays on the very top shelf, separated by holiday.  Then the other shelves housed items in terms of frequent use, the most used items on the bottom left hand side.  We were also able to re-purpose containers that she already had to group items.

Tupperware and Troubled Corners - organized corner cabinet
Then it was on to her home office.  It also contained a corner that was quite troubling to my client!

Tupperware and Troubled Corners - messy home office
She already knew she wanted to move a piece of furniture in from another room so we started to clear it all out, once again!   She did a lot of sorting through papers and we got a big box to put papers for shredding into.   Then we moved some furniture and continued sorting!   Before you knew it …….   another functioning corner!

Tupperware and Troubled Corners - organized home office corner
I can’t say it enough – another wonderful day of organizing!!!!

Project by Nicole in Kansas City

Tupperware and Troubled Corners - Organized Home Office Before and After

Tupperware and Troubled Corners - Organized Corner Shelving Before and After