Tidy Up That Garage Space!

Garages!  This client was ready to get hers tidied up!  And she was glad she could call in some help!  She had already started identifying like items and gathering them in totes on the shelves outside her entry door. Tidy up that garage space - messy shelvesWe clarified what she wanted on each shelf and also took into consideration the priority of the convenient grab!   Other items were moved to locations further from the door.   Tidy up that garage space - tidy shelves

Onto the other portion of shelving and miscellaneous items that tend to gather in garages!Tidy up that garage space - messy garage

This part just needed a good going through so everything came off the shelves. Recent law school paperwork was condensed and housed in airtight tubs.  Tarps,  grill covers and fountain covers were folded and gathered into a tote.  Small stacking bins were re-homed next to the existing shelves from another part of the garage.  Coolers were wiped down. Then the focus was turned to some shelving and cabinets that had been overwhelmed with paint, automotive, pesticides and fertilizers.Tidy up that garage space - undesignated shelves Tidy up that garage space - undesignated cabinetAll of the paints were moved from the shelves to the bottom of the cabinet with doors to keep them tucked out of sight.  Fertilizers and pesticides were paired down and combined in the cabinet as well.   We them put all the automotive on the shelves in plain sight for her husband to see the inventory!  Tidy up that garage space - designated shelves

And when it was all said and done, the fabulous sight of ……Tidy up that garage space - tidy garageI think we heard some angels singing!  Light from heaven shown upon us and my client danced into her house!  Okay, okay, I am exaggerating a little, but we were happy we had a chance to tidy up that garage space!  For real.  Great client, great day!

Project by Nicole in Kansas City

Tidy-up-that-garage-space- organized garage before and after