Stuffed Linen Closets

We’ve all been there in terms of linen closets:
Quick… open the door just enough to shove the sheet set in there.
Quick… close the door just in time to prevent a massive linen avalanche!
Stuffed Linen Closet - Overflowing Linen Closet

Step One: Pull EVERYTHING out of the closet. Yes, everything. And then give those shelves a good wipe down with your favorite smelly good cleaner (check out our surface sprays made with aromatic essentials oils!).

Step Two: Sort the linens by size and type. Piles on the floor work great, no need to get fancy with it.

Step Three: Donate, throw away, or re-purpose whatever linens you don’t use. If you are holding onto them because it’s your great grandmothers quilt that you don’t use, but keep for the memories, store it away in a keepsake bin in the garage or storage to free up some of that workable space.

Step Four: Put the linens back in the closet. Put what’s used the most right in front of you at arms reach.
The stuff you rarely ever use, like those big bulky mattress covers, way up at the top.
Stuffed Linen Closet - Organized Top of Linen Closet

A great way to store sheets is sideways like files, taking up less space and causing less of a mess when you pull them out. Another great way to keep sets contained is to store the entire set inside one of the set’s pillowcases.
Stuffed Linen Closet - Organized Shelves in Linen Closet

Keep in mind, if you want your kids to come grab their own linens when it’s time to change the beds, make their linens accessible for their height!
Stuffed Linen Closet - Organized Floor of Linen Closet

Labeling the shelves is another great way to KEEP the linens in better order.
Stuffed Linen Closet - Labels for Each Shelf

If it doesn’t belong in the linen closet, get it out of there!
If you don’t use it anymore, get it out of there!

Most of getting the linen closet organized is just taking an inventory of what you have, and then only keeping what you will realistically need and use.
Happy linen closet organizing!
Stuffed Linen Closet - Organized Linen Closet Before and After