Straightening Up Office Storage

Like most closets, after a while, without fail… things get shoved in last minute just to be out of the way, and items have a tendency to get jumbled up.

This office storage closet was no exception.
Straightening Up Office Storage - messy office closet

It started off organized in containers and most like-items were with their counter parts but after a while, those containers were out of place from being taken out and put back on the shelf. Things got shoved in where they didn’t necessarily belong.

We removed everything from the shelves and wiped them down.
Then to put it all back…
All the similar paper items were grouped together: envelopes, stationary, stamps, business cards and the smaller bins that held them went up top.
Next were pads of paper that could easily be turned on it’s side in a file-like manor to save space and make for easier removal.
The big bin now held “action” files and folders. Since it was the biggest, heaviest and most frequently used, it was placed on a lower shelf for easier access.
Below that were all of the small desk supplies organized in trays according to type: pens, paper clips/staples, pencils, etc.
Straightening Up Office Storage - organized office closet

With just a quick: “remove, sort, and put back” the office storage area can easily become a more efficient storage space for your office/desk items and will definitely save you time by not having to search around for your stuff!

Straightening Up Office Storage - organized office closet before and after