Spring Cleaning! Donate, donate, donate!

Mmmmm….. spring! It’s allllllmost here! I can smell that fresh air and almost taste the fresh, green grass!

It’s that time again to open up those closets, pull out all of that crap you’ve been collecting over the winter, give those shelves a good wipe down and put back all those “I’ll actually use” items!

We keep so much stuff that we don’t ever use. We think, “oh, maybe I’ll hang on to these old ratty sheets in case by some freak chance the other 5 sets of perfectly good sheets are all jacked up in some cluster of simultaneous dirty sheet incidents”… but, let’s get real. How often has that actually happened? I mean, ever?

Ok, ok… so kid sheets… a different story. Keep a good set or two as backups for those middle of the night accident sessions that you really wish were just bad dreams, but other than that… how many sheet sets do we really need?

Linen closets are a great place to start spring cleaning. I bet some of the stuff you pull out of there you forgot you had!


This linen closet organize was no different. She had a couple sets of torn sheets that she admittedly would realistically never use. Those ¬†were sent off to the garage to be re-purposed as winter plant covers and painting drop cloths. Several sets of sheets that didn’t even fit any of the beds anymore, so those were sent to Goodwill. Some of her childhood sheets were placed into her memory bins, and some of the linens were just fabric scraps that were moved ¬†into sewing storage.

This client had kept a bunch of the plastic sheet packaging that the sheet sets came in and those were a GREAT way to store them by set so that the closet didn’t eventually end up a wrangled sheet mess with mismatching pillowcases etc. Those plastic zip up bags were also used to store her nicer, special occasion linens and silk.

This linen closet re-organize took us about two hours to clear out, clean out, replace and re-home discarded items.

By: Shawna