Organizing Your E-Files, Photos & Memories

Organizing E-Files

In this digital age, a lot of our files are stored somewhere on our computers, whether on our hard drive or somewhere floating in our endless e-mail abyss!

We can help you sort out your files and get your e-libraries cataloged in an organized manner so that you can find all of those important tax documents, your favorite music, and those priceless home videos you uploaded from your phone but can’t seem to find!

We can help you e-organize:

  • MEDIA:
    Music, Movies, Photos, Videos, E-Books

    Personal Finance Records and Receipts
    Tax Receipts, Paperwork, and Info
    Workman Estimates and Invoices

  • HOBBIES: Project Files, How-To and Informational Files

    Homework Files
    Research Files
    Note Files
    Collaborative Files
    Term Paper Files

Organizing Photos & Memories


Do you have boxes (or e-folders) of photos and memory items that you’d love to have put into an album or scrapbook but can’t seem to find the time to do it?

Do you need that really cool collector’s item framed or put into a glass case?

Let us help!

We can get a rough outline of your vision, theme, color preferences and get to work putting your photos and memories together into a custom scrapbook, photo album, or memorabilia box!