Organizing a Storage Closet

This busy family of 6 needed a better system for their storage. Namely, all those cute keepsakes and kids’ artwork that they’d need to occasionally get to for school projects and ‘show and teach.’ This mom wanted a system that was easily accessible for her kids to put away their own artwork and get it out when they needed to.

First we took everything out of the closet. The bedroom floor got a liiiittle crazy for a while while everything was strung all over the floor.
We moved the larger boxes and items up to higher shelves for less frequent access.
We then brought back each item individually and put it in a corresponding bin or by shelf. We had holiday decor in one bin, family keepsakes in another, and each child got their own labeled bin with their name for their own keepsakes on the lower shelves for easier access. The sleeping bags and holiday decor went up high, the “grow into” clothes went on the back shelf, the suitcases were nested and stored in the back and all of the gift wrap and party supplies were neatly sorted onto the bottom shelf.

This was a really great, and quick way to tidy up the storage closet for a more efficient use of the space and to be able to let the kiddos independently access their own items.

Organizing a Storage Closet - Before and After Organized Storage ClosetOrganizing a Storage Closet