Organizing Garage Storage

Garages are one of those places that ends up storing a little bit of everything for easier access. This specific garage was right off of the kitchen, making it a handy spot for overflow kitchen appliances and different cooking related items.
This client also likes to decorate for the holidays, so she has some tote boxes stored here with Christmas decorations in them already.  However, there aren’t enough, so the overflow gets scattered.  She also uses this space for storing cleaning supplies, kitchenware, and small appliances.  She keeps one car in this space, but it is a two car garage.
Organizing Garage Storage - garage wall before
There were some leftover construction supplies, (mostly tile) on the floor. I moved these to her husband’s workshop, which is in a separate building behind the house.  The large green metal box is for her husband’s tools, and she told me not to store anything on top of it (he doesn’t like that!).
Next, I neatened up the cleaning supplies, and I made sure that things like pesticides were kept on a high shelf to protect her grandchildren from getting into them.
This client had some good, sturdy shelving units, so I moved the microwave oven and the small broiler onto one of them. This unit already had kitchen supplies and small appliances on it, so this was a logical place to put them.
Next, I put all of the holiday decorations into large plastic tote boxes, and these were organized by season.  She had some Christmas wreaths, and these were stored on top of the refrigerator and stand-up freezer. These would be better in wreath boxes, and the client said that she would get some next winter. They aren’t available during the summer, when this organization was done.
Organizing Garage Storage - garage after
On one side of the garage, there was a large folded-up rug.  She said that she didn’t know what to do with it, so I suggested that I sweep the floor and lay it down, right there in the garage! Seeing that she stores only one car in this space, there was room for the rug closest to the door house door of garage which is that’s right where the decorations and kitchen supplies are kept! It will feel so nice on her feet when she has to dash out to the garage to get something.
So there it is! Ta-dah! Garage storage all ready for the holidays.
This client was very happy with her garage, and I’m sure that her husband will like it, too!
Organizing Garage Storage - garage after full
Project by Tina in Austin
Organizing Garage Storage - Organized Garage Before and After