Organizing For Every Room

This day was such a joy!
After planning to work solely on a bedroom and closet organize and finishing with plenty of time, we attacked not only a hall closet but also under the kitchen sink as well as some bathroom areas!! Now that is a happy day and I think my client felt like she got her money’s worth!!

We started in the bedroom closet that she and her husband shared. The top shelf of the closet had been used for all of their jeans. Because it was a bit high and jeans were used often, the stacks were hard to keep in stacks and often in disarray. Without the space to store off season clothes the couple previously did not do a seasonal switch with their clothes. We had to change that! But not too drastically!

We pulled all of her sweaters out of her drawers and put them up on the top closet shelf, separating the stacks with bins to help keep them in stacks. She wanted be able to grab a sweater if needed!

The husband’s sweaters were put into an under the bed clothes bag. How often does a man reach for a sweater once the seasons change? We agreed on NEVER.
My client had washed every stitch of clothing they owned (how awesomely prepared!) so we would be sure to fit it all in! And we did with space to spare!

She had started using the front to back stacking method in a couple of her drawers and so we did that in ALL of her drawers… and his!
This utilizes the space so much better because there is no gap like when a stack is dropped in from top to bottom.
Organizing For Every Room!- messy drawerOrganizing For Every Room!- organized drawer

After we had put everything away and dressers were cleared on top, all of her pretty items were moved from the smaller dresser in the corner to the larger dresser.
Organizing For Every Room!- time to simplify his dresserOrganizing For Every Room!- organized bedroom dresser

We had a double purpose for that. Not only to be seen more often but also as a deterrent to things that would want to start stacking there like they had previously gotten in the habit of.
Organizing For Every Room!- messy bedroom dresser

With time on our hands she flung open her hall closet with a groan!

Organizing For Every Room!- unorganized hall closetOrganizing For Every Room!- organized hall closet

We sorted through items that needed to go to the garage or bathroom and quite a few went to the get-rid-of pile! Good job!

Finding that we then had hardly anything in there we cleared out under the kitchen sink (oops! forgot to grab a before picture until we had everything out!) and only returned the ones she used on a regular basis.

Organizing For Every Room!- unorganized under the kitchen sink

Organizing For Every Room!- organized under the kitchen sink
The others found a new home in the hall closet.

With that great shoe organizer on the door, we decided that the bathroom should get in on this action!

Organizing For Every Room!- unorganized under the bathroom sinkOrganizing For Every Room!- organized under the bathroom sink

So we started under the sink, purging expired items and sending most of the less frequently used medicines to the shoe organizer.

We then had room for items from the overcrowded bins on shelves to go under the sink.

Organizing For Every Room!- cluttered bathroom storage area

Organizing For Every Room!- uncluttered, organized bathroom storage area

One thing lead to another and everything felt pretty gosh darn good when I left! Another great day of organizing!!!

Organizing For Every Room!- before and after organized closet

Project By: Nicole in Kansas City