Organizing for Baby

First of all: Congratulations! Yay, we loooooove babies!

pregnancy baby registry

Second: Holy crap, are you ready?!

So many things to do and plan before the new baby arrives!
Below are just a few of the things we can help you
get organized and execute before your mini-me arrives!


You’re probably not going to have much time to sleep, let alone cook!
We can help you prepare and freeze your favorite healthy Freezer Meals that will require just heating and serving!

freezer meals for new moms

Birth Announcements!

Making the photo appointment, getting the photos taken, creating the birth announcement, making the list of the recipients and stamping/addressing all of those envelopes is pretty time consuming, we can take care of all that for you!



Gift List & Thank You Cards!

A good system to keep track of who gave you what is important when sending out thank yous to all of those people who are helping your new baby’s transition into the world. Since most of your free time after the baby comes will be spent dozing off or tending to the other family members, let us keep track and get out all of those thank yous for you!



Taming the Paperwork!

Organizing a filing system for baby’s papers, records, and info along with each member of the family to keep it all straight can help out a lot when it’s time for check-ups, back to school, and field trips!

organized paper work

Memory Organization!

You’ll need a good system for those sonogram pics, that adorable tiny newborn hat from the hospital, all of those thank you cards, and the million other scrapbook items you’ll want to plug into a scrapbook whenever you finally start getting some sleep again.



Now you’re gonna need to make room for bottles, a drying rack, breast pump parts, formula, baby food and all those wee little baby supplies. We can help you pick out the best storage solutions that are out of site, but easily accessible.

baby items for kitchen

Baby On-the-Go!

We can help you pick out the best (and best looking!) diaper bag for your specific needs. We can help you set up an unload/load station by the door and create a check-list of on-the-go items so you never leave the house without the essentials to make your away-from-home time go as smoothly as possible.



Baby Furniture!

It’s important that you choose quality furniture that will last, yet that is efficient for the way you will use it based on your habits and expected routine. We can help you choose lifestyle specific furniture that fits in with your existing decor.


Diaper System!

Whether you’re going to use cloth or disposable, it’s important to plan ahead and have your diaper station and changing table all ready to go and stocked with supplies you’ll need for that sweet baby bottom!

baby changing table

Baby Logging!

We can help you create the best logging system that tracks eating habitsĀ ,sleep patterns, and poops to keep you on track with the little one and to know what to expect.

baby sleeping

Baby Related Storage!

These little guys grow like weeds so it’s vital to have a storage system that can keep up. You’ll have tons of baby clothing, hand-me-downs, grow into clothes, and maternity clothes that will need some serious organizing and storage solutions so you can easily find, replace, and swap out as baby grows.

kids clothing storage

Baby Proofing!

As soon as baby is mobile, watch out! We can help you install the best baby-proofing materials.

baby proofing

Sitter/DayCare Guide and Information!

The time will come when you get to take a much needed break from your little one, but let us help you make sure that Nanny or Ms. Sweet Nursery Lady has all that specific and detailed info about your kiddo to make their time go much more smoothly and happily.


Toy Storage and Swapping!

As baby grows and changes through the various developmental stages, so should the toys! To stay at the top of your babies developmental progress, it’s vital that baby has the right kinds of stimulation and interaction through play! We can help you store toys based on age relevance that will be an easy, breezy swap out when the time comes!

organized toy storage

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