Organizing a Decor Closet

Our client has a guest room walk-in closet that she likes to use for storing linens, clothing, gift wrap, artificial flowers, candles, and other decor items. Many of the items were in different sizes of cardboard boxes, so they didn’t stack very well, and she couldn’t see what was inside.  It was pretty hard to locate the stuff that she wanted!
Organizing a Decor Closet - Messy Closet
The linens really took up a lot of space, and didn’t really fit in with the theme of the closet, so we removed them and put them in another closet that already had linens in it.  By storing “like things with like”, we can really make it easier to find things.
Organizing a Decor Closet - Messy Closet Corner
So…. We emptied the closet, while putting the items into piles of similar things. Wowie-zowie! There was a lot of stuff in there! This is what the rest of the room looked like mid-organize when a lot of items had been pulled from the closet.
Organizing a Decor Closet - mid-organize
We put her items into clear plastic storage bins (love those), which all stacked well. Because the tote boxes are clear, our client can actually see what is in each one.  She had some decor or items that didn’t fill well in tote boxes, so we put them on the closet’s shelving. Each tote was labeled clearly too, just to make it a little easier to find the right one.
Organizing a Decor Closet - Organized Closet Corner
So here it is! All nice and neat, and we even had extra room to hang some more clothing that had been store elsewhere in her house.
Organizing a Decor Closet - Organized Decor Closet
Project by Tina in Austin
Organizing a Decor Closet - Organized Closet Before and After Organizing a Decor Closet - Organized Closet Corner Before and After