Meet Austin’s Aspiring Minimalists and Streamliners

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Aspiring Minimalists Free Workshop Event Photo

Lighten the Load:
Workshop For Aspiring Minimalists and Streamliners

Meet other minimalist wannabes. Share ideas about simplifying.
Ask questions. Drink Wine.

* Hear from small space dwellers about what it was like deciding to live in a tiny house and see what their experience building it themselves has been, through their construction photos timeline.

*Q & A with Professional Building Consultant, Gary Bute at

*Get some pointers from a Professional Organizer on how to prepare for small space living with downsizing material posessions and simplifying daily habits.

*Mingle and jingle with other local wannabe minimalists and small space dwellers.

Contact us to share your related experience/expertise at this event or if you have any questions!


7/16/14 at 6:30pm


301 Chicon St. Suite C, Austin, Tx

chicon map

Please RSVP to our facebook event for the latest.
And if you haven’t already, join our facebook group.


Come see the tiny house construction process!

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