Meal Planning

Meal Planning is a simple way to plan ahead each week, saving time and energy.

Meal plan one day of the week. Grocery shop the next. Prep food the next day if need be. Don’t feel like you have to do it all in one day.

Meal Planning

Plan out the week’s events, appointments, and meetings before you try to start meal planning.

You will likely end up switching days or planned meals being replaced by freezer food or eating out sometimes, so this is just a rough outline to get us started, ever-evolving.

To get started:

  • Make list of 10 most popular family meals. What foods will your family actually eat?
    • leftovers
    • crockpot/instapot meals
    • freezeable meals
    • eating out
    • snacks
  • Plan one month of meals
    • use the list you just made above
    • use pinterest for ideas
  • Get EVERYONE involved/contributing!
    • Everyone gets to choose a meal one day of the week or one protein/fat meal
      • i.e. Monday: chicken, Wednesday: lamb, etc or Mom Mondays, Kid 1 Tuesdays, Dad Wednesdays, etc.
    • Everyone should contribute either by prepping, cooking, or cleaning etc.
  • Double check “to-buy list” is inline with food budget (and only buy what’s on the list)
  • Which day of the week is it best to grocery shop at your preferred location? Double coupon Wednesdays?? Produce delivery day?
  • Plan freezer meals for upcoming weeks (work late night, events @, yoga night, etc) so you don’t have to stress last minute.

Your meal planner can totally just be a blank notebook where you write the meals and creat your grocery list.

We really liked using a magnetic dry erase board on the fridge so that we could add in any other big events or appointments that were going on in the week.

I love this simple “Weekly” notepad with blank boxes for each day, too. It makes a great meal planner, but it’s so versatile, it can be used for infinite things.

If you want to plan more than just dinners, this “Meal Planning” notepad has additional space for breakfast and lunch!

If you’re like me and want to keep all of your grocery list separated by type of food (i.e. location in the store), you might dig this “All out Of” notepad where you can just quickly check off boxes on items you need.