An organized life is essential in developing good, healthy habits that you can apply to ALL areas of living.

Keeping your home and work organized are pretty difficult to do when your life isn’t organized, too. If you’re naturally unorganized, don’t panic! Anyone can learn how to become organized (and stay that way!) with a little deliberate practice and some supporting guidance.


A personal consultation is a great place to start. Lets connect. Help me understand what areas of your life you are wanting to be more organized and successful. You can even send pictures with a phone call, or we can do a video call through Facetime or Skype to connect in real-time. I’ll ask a ton of questions about your current lifestyle, your ideal lifestyle and talk about how we can help you develop the successful habits that will enable you to make your ideal lifestyle a reality.

After the initial consult we will work together to create a customized, easy to follow action plan based on your goals. I can also provide guidance on any organizational materials you might need and help re-working the organizational items you already own.


We can help you put your ideas and goals into prioritized, actionable plans/lists based on your current and ideal lifestyle habits, routines, and schedules with our lifestyle flow session.

This session includes an initial consultation/exploration of your current lifestyle flow, pinpointing areas of flow that you want to improve. I’ll ask a ton of questions about your current flow, how you’d like your overall lifestyle (and any specific spaces) to flow and talk about the positive and negative aspects of each.

We’ll then start with the foundational goals and create an easy to follow, actionable plan that will help you achieve those goals in a practical and efficient way that incorporates your big picture priorities.

Flow sessions can help with the following areas (but not limited to):

-Scheduling: calendars, utilizing alarms, how to make a plan and stick to it
-Routines: daily, weekly, monthly routines that improve your lifestyle and help you reach your goals (ex: cleaning, meal planning, exercise, list-making, etc.)
-Productivity: squashing procrastination, time-saving hacks
-Mental Health: mental focus, keeping a positive mindset, meditation
-Home Organizing: de-cluttering, organizing spaces, furniture placement, feng shui
-Work Organizing: creating and implementing systems to improve your productivity


If you might be needing more concrete help by organizing a physical space, we can help with that, too!

Check out Home Organizing and Work Organizing.