Kid's Room Organization

It’s inevitable: where there are kids, there are toys (and a MESS!).

My four-year-old loves to play, but never seems to enjoy picking it up. Making a mess is so much more fun! After looking at the overflowing bins of stuffed animals and books scattered across my daughter’s bedroom floor, I knew I had to find a solution to this mess.

Rule #1: It needed to be cute.
Rule #2: It needed to be fun!

My solution?
Closetmaid Cubeicals – $64 at Target
Closetmaid Cubeicals Fabric Drawers, around $6 each

I let my daughter pick out the fabric drawers. After all, they would be in her room and for her toys.

Target offered over a dozen colors to choose from that would match any décor, from bright and flashy to more muted neutrals. She picked 6 different colors – all bold and bright, of course! The Cubeical shelf also came in several finishes, including white, alder, dark cherry, espresso, and black ash. We chose “dark cherry” finish because it came closest to matching her bedroom furniture. (Note: I found that the store had a better selection than online!)

We took the shelf home and assembled it together in about 20 minutes.

The only tools necessary were a screwdriver and hammer.

I used my drill, which made assembly much quicker (plus, I love my power tools!). The directions were very easy to follow, and before I knew it, we had a new Cubeical, ready to store toys and books.

She helped me gather and sort her toys, and I let her choose where to store everything.

If she took ownership in picking up her room, perhaps she would enjoy keeping it neat and clean.

Toy Bins

It worked! Our new rule for play is “one cube at a time,” and so far, her room has been spotless.

Organization problem: solved!

I think I’ll be adding another Cubeical to my family room, and perhaps my closet.

By: Casey Arney of Soleah and Me