How-to Improve Household (and work) Flow

  • Do Weekly Meeting/Review/Check-in
    • Check-in with yourself and others – allows everyone to be involved and have a voice
      Record: planner, journal, notebook, etc.
    • Create a family (or team) mission statement, define values, set goals, envision desired culture, environment/atmosphere, etc.
      Check-in with mission statement/values/goals regularly
    • Review the last week + Look at Upcoming Week’s Plan – tweak things, see what’s working and not working, measure improvement, etc.
  • Create Responsibilities List + Schedule
    • All members are aware of expectations/duties – (pic chore charts for kids)
    • Weekly/Daily/Monthly tasks and duties: cleaning, laundry, home maintenance, yard work, etc.
  • Create Master Lists: brain dump lists of each family member’s favorite meals (ask them!), cleaning tasks, routine upkeep, etc.