Household not running so smoothly? We can help you put your household goals and ideas into prioritized, actionable plans based on your current habits, routines, and schedules.

I’ll ask a ton of questions about your current flow, how you’d like your overall household (and specific areas) to flow and talk about the positive and negative aspects of each.

We’ll then start with the foundational goals and create an easy to follow, actionable plan that will help you achieve those goals in a practical and efficient way that incorporates your big picture priorities.

Household Flow Session includes:

  • an initial home tour + consultation
  • helping you pinpointing spaces or areas of flow that need improvement
  • a comprehensive household action plan going forward
    (may include things such as: family schedule, task list, chore chart, laundry system, etc)
  • links to resources and organizational items that will help improve flow

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