Get to Know Your Organizer: Nicole

Nicole Trammell – Professional Organizer
Kansas City, MO

What interests you about professional organizing?

The many facets of it. Does my client need organizing to help them function in life? Enjoy living in their home? Find what’s in their home? Every client is so very unique and has a different definition of what organization is. It’s always interesting to find out, understand and help them achieve it.

How did you get into professional organizing?

I came through years of recognizing that when my home was a mess, I was a mess. I didn’t love being in that place, and it was hard to figure a way out with small children and a job. My circumstances changed, my family moved four times in three years, and I began to focus on my home. I got rid of a lot with every move and then started looking into cheap and easy ways to organize my household and loved it! I helped other mama friends in the same overwhelming situation dig out from under their stuff! Then a long time friend, Shawna, re-entered my life and needed another organizer to join her team. And the rest is history!

What’s the best part about helping clients get more organized?

I like to take a space that was a scary, unapproachable, hot mess for someone and turn it into a breathable, relaxing, purposeful place. I appreciate that people can be vulnerable and ask for help and when they do, I get to be that person that tackles the craziness in their life with them.

What’s the biggest challenge in helping clients get more organized?

Encouraging them to part with their belongings when they are reluctant! I am not a hard core organizer that rips things from the clutches of my clients hands and throws it in the donate box! Ha, ha! It would be MORE organized with less, but they are grown ups, if they want to keep it, I will figure out a way to make it work anyway!

What’s the most common question people ask you about organizing?

They ask me how I got into organizing and well, I already answered that question for you!

What’s a typical session with you like?

I take a tour of it all….the good, the bad, the ugly. The project area is decided upon. Then it’s on like donkey kong! We empty, sort, get rid of, trash and then figure out the best possible scenario to restore order! We laugh, we cry, it’s the BEST! I take a load of stuff to the thrift store. They have a happy space, I have a happy job! It’s kind of like that.

What’s your favorite organizing tool?

My label maker. It gives clarity. Not sure where it goes? Oh look, it says right here! Especially helpful for children and husbands.

What’s the best 10 minute organizing tip that could help someone get a little more organized?

Being a mama I know how easy it is to be overrun with THINGS. So depending on how intense you are feeling either do a 10 minute walk through of your whole house or spend it in a problem room. Remove items that don’t spark joy. If you stick to your time frame you won’t give yourself time to rethink keeping them. Your first reaction, gut instinct to an object is usually spot on. If it’s not beautiful to you or useful then get rid of it! I cannot think of ONE thing that I miss or wish I could have back. Not one. At the end of your gathering, evaluate what you have. Is it broken? Trash it. Could it be of use to another human? Donate it. Thinning down the items you own make it a million times easier to manage what’s left. And for me, I take the donate bag to my vehicle immediately and plan to drop it off as soon as possible. Don’t let those things pile up or sit around.

What do you spend your time doing when you aren’t organizing?

Enjoying all things green ~ my garden, flower beds and inside plants! Green, growing things evoke joy in my heart! I feel like I am not being truthful when I say scrapbooking and painting because I haven’t done either in a while, but they are favorites of mine as well! Cooking is an essential to life with my family and I really love it when I am using veggies from my garden…. and baking is the extra sprinkle of fun!

What’s your favorite household appliance?

Does a vacuum count? I love my vacuum. It makes all things new. It does it’s job well. With two cats, two dogs, three kids, and a husband, we see each other on a regular basis. We have a bond. 🙂

What are three words that best describe your personality?

Reserved, creative, honest

And finally… What are a couple of your favorite online resources for organizing?