What is a professional organizer, what do you do?
A professional organizer is a person who enhances the lives of clients by designing systems and processes using organizing principles and through transferring organizing skills. A professional organizer also educates the public on organizing solutions and the resulting benefits.

We can help you get organized in any area of your home, work or life. We tackle both small and large projects. We can help you tackle concrete projects like helping you physically organize spaces in your home or office as well as helping you organize the more abstract projects like household/work flow and creating action lists, business/marketing plans, productive habit routines, etc.

Can’t I just hire a house cleaner?
While house cleaners are experts at cleaning spaces and making things “look” organized, they are not always experts in developing and implementing organized systems for continued daily use and storage. Using a customized system developed for your specific habits and style helps prevent your space from quickly returning to chaos. Unlike house cleaners working while you are out of the house, we work with our clients to help them attain better organization.

How long will it take?
Just like all individuals are different, organizing projects tend to vary in depth and duration. Depending on how “micro” you’d like to get with organizing your space/project, it could take more or less time than other similar projects. For example: one client may want her craft room organized by moving around furniture and adding cabinets for storage while another client may want that with additional organization of reams of fabric by color, color coded yarn baskets, and small sewing supplies organized in containers. The first client’s craft room may only take one session, while the second client’s craft room may take 2 or 3 sessions.

How much will it cost?
You can find our services and prices listed on our booking site here. While we can’t tell you exactly how long any project will take, once we get a good idea of your expectations and ideal use for the space, we are generally able to provide you with a pretty accurate quote. If you have a budget limitation, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate your goals for the project within that budget.

Why should I hire Organizing KC?
Organizing KC is one of the two original professional organizing companies in the Kansas City Metro. Organizing KC was created by Shawna Childers in 2011 after over a decade of working as a professional household manager and personal assistant for local families. She now has an additional 10 years of experience working with hundreds of clients as a professional organizer and has meticulously developed a training program based on that knowledge and experience. Each Organizing KC professional organizer completes our Professional Organizer Training Program and is certified with completion..

Not only do we have the experience of working with all different types of personalities and projects but we are deeply passionate about helping our clients live better, more simple lives with more time for the things that matter the most. In addition to caring about our clients, we also care about minimizing the use of natural resources and are huge proponents of recycling, upcycling and living minimally.

FAQ – What to Expect:
What can I expect from a consultation with you?
At our initial consultation you will take us on a tour of your home, business or project. We will go through the details of how it is currently utilized and how you would like to optimize that usage for better, more productive results. We will then provide with you an organizational action plan/check list and links to any organizational materials you might need. We prefer to “shop at home” first, so often, we are able to reuse existing organizational materials or pull from areas where they may be underutilized.

What can I expect from an organizing session with you?
During an organizing session we will jump right in with you to help you physically organize any idea, space, business or project. If you chose to have an initial consultation (not required) we will get started on that action plan and implement any of the organizing materials you may have purchased. If you did not choose the initial consultation, we will have a “mini consultation” with you at the beginning of your session to determine our best, most productive use of time within the session.

How involved in this process do I have to be?
In most cases, our clients work with us during the organizational process. We find that it is very cathartic to touch and sort your own items. A large part of organizing is making decisions on items. While we will provide guidance and support during that process, we simply can not make those decisions on your behalf.

Will you make me get rid of my things?
No! You are always the person in control of the session and the ultimate decision maker on all discards. If there is excess clutter, duplicate items, or if there is no usage or dedicated home for the items, we will suggest letting them go.

I’m afraid I will be embarrassed, will you be judgmental?
We will NEVER be judgmental. We get it. It is not an easy thing to admit you need help in any area, let alone welcoming a stranger into your home to sort through your personal items. We understand that every person needs help in some ways (us, too!). We believe everyone should use their gifts for good and organizing just happens to be skills we have developed and love to bless others with. We love helping others become more organized because we know personally the weight of disorganization and the amazing freedom that living more simply and productively affords.

Will you haul away my donations and trash?
We are happy to take donations (whatever will fit in our vehicle) to the nearest donation center for no extra charge. We do not haul trash away, but are happy to help you figure out the best solution or company to remove your trash/large items. Anyone can feel free to use coupon code “organizingkc” for $50 off when calling 1-800-GOT-JUNK for trash removal.

Can you help me sell my items?
We do not sell items. Depending on the item, we may be able to help point you in the right direction.

How do I STAY organized once you leave?
Staying organized is all about maintenance. Just like taking care of your car or health, organizing requires regular check-ups (resets). We will help you create an easy-to-use system that falls in line with your current habits so you are more likely to continue. Just doing a quick 15 minute reset here and there will make a huge difference. Set a phone alarm. Get the kids involved. Make it part of your routine.

What if I’m not in KC Metro area?
No problem! We are happy to do a virtual organizing session with you to help you get whatever space or project organized.

Can you help my child get organized?
Yes! As mamas ourselves, we love working with children to help them create their own organized systems. Developing organizational skills and getting into the habit of organizing early has been proven to help kids become more successful adults. Check out this great book on the topic: Raising an Organized Child

Can you just provide me with the plan of action to DIY?
Of course! If you’re just looking for a little direction, want to bounce some ideas around, or want some help with a comprehensive action plan, we are happy to provide that in a comprehensive action plan.

Do you offer any classes or workshops on organizing?
Yes! We love doing classes and workshops on all different kinds of organizing and many subjects related! Keep an eye out on our EVENTS page for upcoming virtual and in-person classes and workshops!
Also! If you are interested in becoming a professional organizer, we also have an 8 Week Professional Organizer Training and Development Program that you should definitely check out! 

Can you speak to my organization about organizing?
Yes! Owner Shawna Childers has been public speaking and teaching organizing concepts for 10 years! If you’d like more info, check out the SPEAKING page or send us an email! We’d love to meet you!