A Craft Room Rediscovered

Most of the time when I show up to do an organize session my clients will apologize for the state of the area I am about to help them with.   My client for this session apologized profusely on the way to her craft room.  She admitted that it not only had been neglected for some time but that when she had gone in to try to clean it out she would become overwhelmed and leave extremely frustrated!   When I found out how many children she has I completely understood!!!   And I was very excited to get started!  I understand that when you are in the throws of raising children a lot of things you would like to pursue just have to take a back seat!   As I started emptying out this room, I knew that this had to happen.  I was so glad she decided to give Organizing Solutions a call!   The talent I saw in the unfinished creations I came across… well, I knew this mama needed a space to breathe some projects to life again!  Pottery, scrapbooking, sewing,  jewelry making, crafting, it was all in there and when I started the door could not open all the way!craft room rediscovered - messy craft room

Most of  this session was spent emptying that little room and seeing what was there.  And emptying some more so there would be a place to put it.  Once there was floor space again,  there was work space that began to reveal itself!  Here it is starting to peek through!craft room rediscovered - half way to a cleared off work space

There was still more that needed to be taken out but the decision to stop had to be made so what was out could be dealt with!   Some projects can’t be done in a day no matter how much we would like for them to be!   However, we did find the floor, a cute orange chair, and some surfaces!

A Craft Room Rediscovered - I found a chair in there!

To me it was a discovery but to my client her craft room had been re-discovered!  And to my delight she asked me back to continue finding more!

A Craft Room Rediscovered - De-Cluttered Craft Room Before and After

Project by Nicole in Kansas City