A Craft Room Rediscovered – Part 4

Some projects are big.  They may have to be done in phases.  But I love the process.  Bit by bit.  Little by little. We chip away on them.  We see change here and then there.   I have been so fortunate to have yet another great client!  She has allowed me to get done what I can and has not had unrealistic expectations.  And so here is the sum of what she has had to put up with after emptying the various sections of her craft room….A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 4 - messy sorting phase

There it is!  The things that have come out and haven’t made it back in…. yet!  This has been accumulating over 3 sessions.  I have cleared an area, put back what we could and so on, but there have been some left overs! It is a tiny little room and we have had to make some space!   And let’s just take a minute to go back to the beginning of the journey that began here:

craft room rediscovered - messy craft roomSo three sessions later and a majority of the room had been cleared and we are ready to get it back in!  Can it be done?  The end of the last session birthed this beautiful sight:

A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 3 - organized under the table

Usable space under the table!  So happy!  It’s a nice big table, tall and deep.  I did have the three drawers that needed a peek taken into and a black metal box, that you can barely see in this picture.   First things first, I checked out the contents of both items and  with a slight cleanse and some straightening  I combined the top drawer of Christmas items with those in the black box.  I added a tag so we would know what was in there.   The middle drawer had ribbons that also just needed some straightening:

A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 4 - messy ribbon drawer

So straighten I did!  I also added a box of ribbons that I had out in the overflow, and that was the two top drawers!  Beautiful.  Love it!

A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 4 - organized ribbon drawer

Now, we are ready for the big overflow exodus back into the craft room!   I decided the table top space from the previous session that housed the second sewing machine would be cleared to allow for scrapbook workspace.  That also meant that the boxes of pictures and scrapbook supplies could go under that table.  I had a fabulous space to put a rack of bins for yarn and all the crochet hooks right beside them in the table.  Very fun!  It went from this:A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 3 - organized sewing cornerTo this:

A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 4 - making space for scrapbooking

Then I worked to get all the sewing items, kid’s crafting beads, paints, markers, colored pencils, iron-on t-shirt supplies… and various other things to our under the table space!!!   Whew!!!

A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 4 - organized space under the table

So  this session was just getting into some of the more tedious sorting after doing a lot of bulk sorting!  And there is still more to do from here but it’s a lot more manageable now!   It’s taking shape and the kiddos will finally have their open playroom back with just a few loose ends to wrap up next session!  A successful day of a craft room being rediscovered….. and a playroom!

A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 4 - another phase of organizing

Project by Nicole in Kansas City