A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 3

Session 3 in a busy little craft room.   Today I had another surface that needed clearing. Okay, not JUST a surface but it was the major priority!  Can you see it?  Let’s do this thing!  A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 3 - messy sewing corner

There was lots of sorting that went on and a LOT of items that just went straight into the trash!  Along with that area, I also worked on the under the table space of a previous session.  I just plain ran out of time and so when I returned I knew that this would be valuable space asset if used properly.A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 3 - messy under the tableWith this small space, various hobby options, and an accumulation that had occurred over a span of years, I knew it would be a challenge for me!!  Luckily there is an open area in the room next door for major sorting to accommodate the cleansing of all the places that I have worked on so far!   This has been a saving grace but there are still a number of items that will need to be brought back into this room that have not yet!  The good news is that, as each session progresses the sorting process becomes easier because many of the items have a “home” that has been established.   A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 3 - organized under the tableSo, to answer the question “Where did it all go?”   I will say one of three locations: 1) trash, 2)  into one of the already organized spaces,  or 3) the sorting area to be brought back into the room in stage 4 of this process!  A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 3 - organized sewing tableTune in next time when we answer the question “Do you really think it will ALL fit back in there?” AND see pictures in Part 4 of A Craft Room Rediscovered!  Coming soon…..

Project by Nicole in Kansas City


A Craft Room Rediscovered part 3 - before and after organized sewing corner