A Craft Room Rediscovered – Part 2

I had been to this craft room before!  And I was ready for another phase of getting it back to functioning for a busy mama! The last session we worked on clearing floor space and getting a lot of items out of the room.  Today it was time to clear a sewing area! Today was the day!
a craft room rediscovered part 2 - messy sewing workspace

This time there was room in the craft room to do the sorting.  My first priority was to get the counters cleared off enough to see what was inside those cabinets.  The set of cabinets on the left were full of fabrics that just needed a little straightening.   The set of cabinets on the right had some items in them but were not optimizing the space available.

a craft room rediscovered part 2 -messy sewing cabinet

Overflow fabrics were moved to a higher shelf so that bobbins, snaps, elastic, zippers, measuring tape, and numerous other smaller items could be easily accessed.  All the thread was put into drawers right by the sewing machine and sorted from largest to smallest spools in separate drawers.  Buttons were added to existing button containers. The cabinets were left with space to spare for anything that may need to be added later.

a craft room rediscovered part 2 - organized sewing cabinet

After the cabinets were opened and evaluated a lot of the items on the floor and chair were cleared out. There was a lot of sorting to do on the counter and redirecting of the other craft items to their various sorted piles elsewhere.  a craft room rediscovered part 2 - messy sewing counterFinding the sewing counter was a definite win and put a smile on the face of both client and organizer!

a craft room rediscovered - organized sewing counter

The hard work was well worth it to see this organized sight!!  It was another fabulous morning of organizing for me and a giant leap toward a craft room being rediscovered for a busy client!  Happy day!

A Craft Room Rediscovered - before and after of an organized sewing counter

Project by Nicole in Kansas City