Closet Spring Cleaning

Oh, closets!   Ya gotta love ’em!
Kansas City Closet Organize - Messy Closet
I walked into this organize with the intent to help a client switch out her winter clothes for summer.  It ended up being so much more productive in two hours than she expected and I love leaving on such a high note!
I started by getting all the folded winter clothes out and into their off-season closet space.
Kansas City Closet Organize - Winter Clothes
There were two hanging cloth shelves that just needed a little going through to ensure that no summer items were mixed in before we moved one out.
This opened up more space on her side of the closet for dresses that she had been keeping elsewhere, often forgetting she had them!  Out of sight, out of mind!  Now they were readily available for use! Then we moved all the hanging winter items out and brought the summer things in.
There were two sets of shoe racks, one on either side of the closet as I began.
Kansas City Closet Organize - Organized Shoe Rack Before and After
I decided that removing a lower dowel rod for hanging clothes on the right side would give us the space to have both racks together on her side of the closet.   I also moved the rolling drawers to the very back of the closet, freeing up all the space under his clothes.
Kansas City Closet Organize - Drawer to Back
We found so many treasures as we purged; new shoes still in the box, matches to several pairs of socks, forgotten outfits and purses, clothes with tags still on them.   My client felt like she had been on a shopping spree without leaving her house!!  Score!  I love hearing the words “OOoh!  I forgot I had this!” or “I’ve been looking for this!!”
One was a bag of bags.  I used a hanging shoe organizer we found to put all her bags in, and she was so happy to have them ready to grab for whatever her day held!   My job is the best. job. ever.   Yaaay for spring and closets that are ready for it!
Kansas City Closet Organize - Organized Closet Before and After
Project By: Nicole in Kansas City