Catch-All Office Organize

This office organize started out just clearing space and shuffling some furniture around.   My client was extremely busy and had experienced many recent life changes, saying that this room had become a catch-all for a lot of different things!  After we moved a book case, I was able to put a box of books onto the shelves that eliminated one box.

Catch-All Office Organize - before and after organized office shelving

Empty drawers by the desk provided me with the opportunity to take a tub of office supplies and make them readily available for use. The closets in the office were storing extra clothing that did not fit in the master bedroom. The tub I emptied of office supplies was then used to take all the winter shoes out of those closets to be put in storage.

We took some time to do some purging while in the closet and found many lost treasures!!  This client had a good amount of tubs, drawers, and shoe organizers that just needed to be utilized, and so we did!

It was a wonderful day of turning a space that was a frustration into something workable!

Catch-All Office Organize - before and after organized office

Project By: Nicole in Kansas City