Bachelor Pad Clutter

I don’t recommend trying to get organized all in one shot. It’s overwhelming. Instead, start with one or two important areas, and work your way down. We began by organizing the all important desktop/bookshelf that was in need of some attention. By removing everything and sorting through each piece of paper and the office supplies we were able to get rid of the unnecessary items.

sorting items on the dresser
sorting items on the bed

Clean as you go. This will save you time rather than letting things pile up and having to do a big cleaning session later. A great way to keep loose papers organized is by picking up file storage trays and having each one serve it’s own purpose. It’s a good idea to go ahead and label them. For example: Bills to be Paid, Read and Review, Taxes and To be filed. You can also pre-label files for each of your current projects, priorities or other documents you know you will need a file for.

organized desk work area
organized bookshelf

Maintain your desk by putting things away immediately after you’re finished using them.

Next we tackled the closet that was still home to moving boxes. Removing all those boxes and sorting through each one gave us a chance to get rid of those unused items and see the rest laid out.

messy packed closet

We slowly incorporated each item back in finding a specific place for it. Store your most-used items at eye level, less-used items below, and least-used items up high.

organized clothing closet
organized clothing closet corner

The solution: you need to develop systems to keep your organization in place. Once those systems are in place, be vigilant about keeping them going. Things will stay organized and leaving you feeling great.

Project by Amber in Austin

organized closet before and after