That Awkward Closet

Are you lost when it comes to that tiny office closet and you just can’t seem to figure out how to organize it?  Look no further! Here are a few ways to get in there and get it organized.

My client needed some direction in where to even begin with her small yet long office closet. We started by pulling all items out, sorting through and putting them into categories by grouping like items (i.e. office supplies, paperwork, odds-n-ends), then placing them in boxes that we labeled. Labeling makes it a lot quicker to find a specific item that you are looking for.

awkward  office closet_before
awkward office closet_before2
Now is a great time to step back and asses how you need your space to function. Think of putting in a shelving unit if you have a fairly tall and narrow closet. By placing things that are used less often (or are seasonal) towards the top and at the back you are leaving room for those everyday items to be placed front and center.
awkward  office closet_after
awkward  office closet_after_micro
If there happens to be some overflow and you have a piece of furniture that you can incorporate do so. Lucky for us there was just that…a great piece already in the office and all we needed to do was clean it up a bit. It was perfect to house those everyday use items.
awkward  office closet_extra space
awkward  office closet_extra space_after1
Always try and start with a blank canvas and think of exactly what it is that you need out of the space. How would you like it to flow and how would you like it to look. This can really help when it comes to laying a foundation for any space!
Project By Amber in Austin
That Awkward Closet - Organized Home Office Closet Before and After