A Maximized Pantry

This client had a freshly remodeled kitchen but since moving everything back in, she hadn’t quite found the right place for it all.

We started on the black hole cabinet space that I know is meant to make the best of a corner but, in every kitchen I’ve seen, those corner cabinets have more of a tendency to lose things!

A Maximized Pantry- congested corner cabinet

Below the counter, a great space with lazy-susans included but a bit a of everything down there, too.

A Maximized Pantry - congested lower corner cabinet

We started doing a little rearranging in some of the other cabinets to make things more convenient and then dug right into the top corner cabinet, emptying it completely!

There were canned goods everywhere and a lot of things my client didn’t even realize she had!  As we emptied we tossed expired food and grouped like items.

She had a fabulous pantry space that we emptied as well!  Here is the pantry before:

A Maximized Pantry - messy pantry

With all the food emptied out of the cabinet and pantry we were able to find a good location for it, a category at a time.  We took into consideration the frequency of use and HEIGHT of the items.

We maximized every bit of space!   The outcome was quite nice!

A Maximized Pantry - organized pantry

An up close of the second pull-out shelf sure put a smile on my face!!

A Maximized Pantry - close up of organized pantry

Wonderful!!! After all that food was squared away we had tons of empty space in the upper corner cabinet!!  The top shelf housed bulky, less used dishes and pitcher.

There was a plastic container that came out of the pantry with baking supplies in it…. it was purged, the remaining items went back in, and were added to.

It was decided that since baking wasn’t a frequent happening at her house, the best place for baking items was third shelf in the corner cabinet. Cake mixes and other baking supplies fit perfectly on the sides. The tub pulled out all the items in the center making everything else in the vast expanse of that shelf easy to access!

For the lower two shelves my client already had some lazy susans that are perfect for those areas when they start filling up.

A Maximized Pantry -extremely less congested corner pantry

Under the cabinet we kept most of the large items that were already there, just did some straightening and had space to store all of the extra condiments.

A Maximized Pantry - organized bottom corner pantry

There it was: another happy kitchen ready to take on the demands of life with room to spare with a maximized pantry!


Project by Nicole in Kansas City