A day of un-packing.


It can be a daunting task when you are looking at stacks of boxes by yourself!
Enter… Organizing Solutions KC!  🙂

We started in the kitchen because who can function when you can’t find a fork to grab a bite to eat!?

We faced numerous challenges: the new kitchen was smaller, had narrow cupboards, no pantry, shelves that did not adjust easily and a lot of kitchen items to find a home for.
The saving graces were: a lazy susan in the corner cupboard, deep cabinets above the refrigerator and microwave, a freestanding baker’s rack, and a client that was eager to clear out some extra items!

We focused on the positives and went to work!

Along the way, we added shelving in a storage area for large appliances that were used less often.
We kept in mind ease of access to items used heavily when cooking closest to the stove and so on.   Some areas were like a puzzle, trying a piece you think fits and then reworking to find the ultimate scenario.

It was so rewarding to have it all neatly placed and custom fit to the client’s lifestyle at the end of the day!


We even had time to eliminate boxes, do work in the living room and then bedroom…. of which I failed to take pictures of because we jumped right in!!!

By: Nicole Trammell with Get Happy In Your Space!