A Closet For Three

Closets spaces for kids can get out of control in a hurry. Keeping up with the changes of season, growing children, and an influx of new clothes can keep any mama busy!

What if you take that times three, add in no other closet option due to the nooks and crannies of an old house, throw in some toys and bedding storage, aaaaand just for fun take into consideration we are talking three kiddos six years old and under!

Well on a normal day this is what you are looking at!

A Closet For Three - messy straight on view

No judging! If you are a mom in any capacity, you know how it can be!

Laundry is a monster, multiplying by the day!

Lets not forget the blessed laundry room where our clothes not only need washed and dried but folded as well! We are not even going to discuss ironing.  Let’s not.

A Closet For Three - messy basement clothes

This is real life.  Life that happens when you are taking care of little people.  Life that is relentless when you are a mom with a career and a household to take care of!

After the consultation we were able to determine where she needed the most help, so two mamas got to work!

I emptied the closet while the mama who knew the clothes started her sorting!  All the toys went to the playroom.  This closet would be for clothes only EXCEPT for some bedding that needed to be stored for when company came.  It’s location was currently to the left of the closet’s opening.

A Closet For Three - messy view to the left

This was way too easy for curious little ones looking for a hiding spot to crawl around in and turn into wreckage  so the shelves with bins were moved to the side for easier access to hanging clothes and to serve as a bit of a blockade.

The result:

A Closet For Three - organized view to the left

All of the piles and storage boxes of clothes from the basement came upstairs and were added into the equation!  FIVE  bags full of clothes were donated!!!

And THAT was the key to getting the closet looking like this!!!

A Closet For Three - organized straight on view

Lovely; a closet with clothes for three kiddos! All of this is with no other dressers, no other place for their clothes but here! Their mama had it in her mind to downsize and she DID!!

The support for the clothes rod was the divider for each  child and to the far right there were hooks for jackets, just a couple for each!

A Closet For Three - organized view to the right

Another happy closet and another happy mama!


Project by Nicole in Kansas City

A-Closet-For-Three - before and after